About Me

Hi!  And welcome.  My name is Kelly.

I live in Santa Cruz, California.  Originally, I’m from Atlanta, Georgia.  I attended the University of Georgia, majoring in wildlife biology.  A few years after my undergraduate work I moved north to spend five glorious years living in Alaska.  While in Alaska I was employed as a biologist working as a technician for the federal government.  This work led me to the University of Alaska – Fairbanks where I am currently a Master’s candidate.  I hope to defend my thesis in the winter of 2016.

I have always had both a scientific side and an artistic side.  I have found a lot of joy through the years in painting, drawing, and knitting.  Photography has been a hobby of mine since 2008.  Through photography, I find ample enjoyment incorporating my loves of art and science with my loves of people and story-telling.

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